Who We Are

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the financial resources and trustworthy service they need to achieve their financial goals, in an efficient and transparent manner.   

Core Values


Act with sound moral character to earn and maintain the implicit trust of clients, investors, service providers and fellow employees.  


Allow fairness to guide negotiations. A transaction will be deemed successful when all parties feel a sense of contentment. 


Simplify processes, communications, projects and contracts to gain efficiencies, yet effectively meet the expectations of clients and investors. 


Roy Kudla

Roy is a Certified Royalty Advisor with responsibility for business development and all aspects of the royalty investment process. He also leads the Land Investment business for CSCM. Prior to co-founding CSCM, Roy spent over 35 years in various senior financial management positions for Mercer, a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, a Fortune 500 company. He also has experience in private lending within the real estate industry and developing, marketing and hosting financial strategy courses for consumers, employees and affinity groups.   

Fran Kudla

Fran leads the Private Lending business of CSCM. Her responsibility also includes identifying potential land parcels for investment. Fran has over 12 years of experience in real estate investing and six years of private lending. Prior to co-founding CSCM, Fran was a registered nurse.