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Creative Synergy

Our name symbolizes two characteristics that define our identity.

  1. Creative refers to being imaginative, innovative, clever and resourceful. 
  2. Synergy is the cooperation of two or more individuals or groups to produce a combined result greater than the sum of their separate efforts.    

We believe partnering with our clients and vendors in a synergistic way will bring about creative solutions for all parties involved in a business transaction.   
Creative Synergy Capital Management, Inc. (CSCM) was formed in 2013 as a private lender to real estate investors and flippers. Our primary focus is lending on non-owner occupied single family residences.  
In 2016, we identified a need to supply growth capital to small and mid-sized businesses who planned to remain private, but were challenged to find financing under terms that aligned with their long term business plan. CSCM employs an alternative method of financing called Revenue-Based (or Royalty) Financing. This method fills the gap between debt and equity funding, with no dilution of ownership. 
In 2017, CSCM expanded its business to include land investments. We purchase land as a buy and hold investment or to sell to another investor or land developer.