Private Lending

Creative Synergy Capital Management provides loans primarily to real estate investors and flippers to rehab the cost of a non-owner occupied single family residence. We also do gap funding.   

Loans are short-term (generally 6-12 months) and secured by a note and deed of trust. 

All loans are funded by private capital, either our own funds or raised from private individuals.   

Land Investments

Creative Synergy Capital Management purchases vacant land across the US. Although we tend to focus on land between 1 and 40 acres, we do acquire smaller and larger parcels that meet our needs. We are willing to consider residential, recreational and commercially zoned land. The land may be raw or improved with services such as gas and water lines. In purchasing properties, we generally pay all closing costs, including any back property taxes.  The price we offer equals the proceeds you receive at closing. 

We are not Real Estate Agents or Brokers. Vacant land that we sell is either owned by us or under contract. We can offer seller financing with a reasonable down payment to buyers approved by Creative Synergy Capital Management. 

In all transactions, we provide personal and attentive service. Our aim with each customer is to build a relationship of trust and transparency. These two simple guidelines have proven in all of our businesses to be a key component in successfully working together.   

Royalty-Based Financing

Small and mid-sized, profitable businesses that require growth capital typically have three funding options. They can seek capital from venture capitalists, angel investors or secure a loan from a commercial bank.  

Acquiring VC and angel funding is a lengthy, time consuming process with no guarantee of success. When a deal is struck, it requires the business owner to give up a share of the equity and partner with the investors on management decisions. The investors will also want to implement an aggressive plan to sell the firm or go public. Business owners who strongly desire to retain full ownership and decision-making responsibilities for the long term are not candidates for this type of funding. 

Borrowing from a commercial bank usually requires the business owner to provide a personal guarantee. If this doesn’t kill the deal, the fixed monthly payments may. Unless the company is fortunate enough to stay on their aggressive growth plan, a slower trajectory of revenue will cause ownership to cut back on marketing, payroll and other key expenses to keep the loan from becoming in-default. 

Royalty-Based Financing fills the gap between a bank loan and equity funding. We provide the growth funds a business needs, and in return, the company pays us a percentage of their revenue. We don’t make loans nor do we take an equity position in the company we are funding.  

Royalty funding stands out as one of the best financing options for numerous reasons.  

  • No equity dilution 
  • No outside meddling or disruption of company operations by investors
  • No exit plan required 
  • No fiduciary responsibility regarding outside shareholders
  • No personal guarantee in royalty agreement
  • Royalty payments are linked to revenue when received – when revenue falls, the royalty decreases; no pressure to meet a fixed loan payment when revenue spikes downward
  • Investors and business owner are in alignment with a common goal of increasing revenue
  • Ownership can focus on long-term growth and solely make decisions on the direction the company takes